ASTM E604 is the standard test method for Dynamic Tear testing of metallic materials as defined by ASTM International. The Dynamic Tear test is used on specimens ranging in thickness from 3/16in. to 5/8in. (5mm to 16mm). The pressed-knife procedure commonly used to sharpen the notch tip effectively limits this testing method to materials with a hardness of less than 36 on the Rockwell C scale.

This test involves a single-edge notched beam that is impact loaded in three-point bending; The specimens are then fractured with a drop-weight machine, and the total energy loss during separation is measured by finely calibrated instrumentation and recorded based on time vs. load data

The resulting dynamic tear energy value is significant in that the specimen's resistance to rapid progressive fracturing can be determined. This can be invaluable in determining suitability of a material or fabricating process for a particular application.

It is also quite important in research and development to gage the impact of metallurgical factors, such as: composition, processing, or heat treatment, and of fabricating factors such as: forming and welding processes on the dynamic tear fracture resistance of new or existing materials.


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