Composites Testing

Composites Testing

As composite materials of all type continue to be employed in modern technology, the need for accurate, comprehensive testing of these materials has continued to grow. In response; the Composites Testing laboratories of WMT&R, Inc. in the USA continue to expand their composites testing expertise, while our subsidiary in the UK, WMT&R, LTD. continue to expand their Composites Testing Program to meet these needs.

Many of the standard materials tests originally developed to test metals have been adapted by the industry to test composites, and in turn have become standards themselves.

Some of the standard composites testing conducted at WMT&R:

Ultimate Tensile per ASTM D 638
ASTM D 3039/D 3039M Standard Test Method for
Tensile Properties of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials

Ultimate Shear per ASTM D 732
V Flex per ASTM D 790
Compression per ASTM D 695
ASTM D953: Standard Test Method for Bearing Strength of Plastics
ASTM D3846: Standard Test Method for In-Plane Shear Strength of Reinforced Plastics
Modulus of Elasticity per ASTM D638 and D3039 / D3039M
Ultimate Moment Test of Tube Section per FAA #D-6155-18
Shear Test of Tube Section per FAA #D-6155-18
Compressive Strength Test of Tube Section per FAA #D-6155-18
Compressive Modulus Test of Tube Section per FAA #D-6155-18
ASTM C1337: Standard Test Method for Creep and Creep Rupture of Continuous Fiber- Reinforced Ceramic Composites under Tensile Loading at Elevated Temperatures.
ASTM C1291: Standard Test Method for Elevated Temperature tensile Creep Strain rate, and Creep Time-to-Failure for Advanced Monolithic Ceramics.
Flatwise Tension per ASTM C297-04
High Cycle Fatigue per ASTM D3479
Axial Strain Fatigue
Axial Fatigue Testing per ASTM E466-96
Calcium Phosphate Coatings and Metallic Coatings
Shear Testing per ASTM F1044-99
Tension Testing per ASTM F1147-99
Fatigue S/N Curve per ASTM E606
Cantilever Fatigue Testing per ASTM D671

Our Composite Testing Lab in the UK also offers many composites specific tests.

We also test to individual customer specifications. And with the assistance of our Mechanical Engineering Department and our full service in-house Machine Shop are able to design and fabricate specialized fixtures for your unique testing needs.

Metallographic and Microscopic Analysis are available through our state of the art Analytical and Metallographic Labs.