Heat Treatment

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Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research comprehensive and expansive heat treatment laboratories provide versatile heat treatment testing services that can assist your project’s design systems to meet engineering specifications to reduce total life costs and enhance performance for industries such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and power generation.”

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  • Hundreds of Thermocouple Available for Temperature Monitoring
  • Facilities Capable of Variety of Thermomechanical Processing
  • Customized Radiant Furnaces, Environmental Chambers,
  • Forced Convection Furnaces and Quench Tanks (up to 1200lbs)
  • Ferrous Alloys: Normalizing, Quenching, Tempering up to +2750°F
  • Ferrous Alloys: Cryogenic Treatments down to -325°F
  • Non-Ferrous Alloys: Solutioning, Annealing, Artificial Aging up to +1200°F
  • Customized Data Specific to Customer Requirements

What Is Heat Treatment?

Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research’s heat treatment services of metals optimize the mechanical and physical properties for a given application. Heat treatment is a useful and often necessary process when it becomes necessary to harden or soften the metal.

Heat Treatment

What Is Heat Treatment Used For?

Quenching and tempering treatments are used when materials require increased strength and superior wear-resistance. Heat treatment for extremely hard steels, such as cutting tools with highly defined edges, is a critical operation for maintenance. Solution treating and ageing can be used on Inconel 718 for turbine blades in the aerospace industry to enhance high temperature performance and increase engine life.

Thermomechanical Processing and Heat Treatment Capabilities
WMT&R maintains capabilities at both our United States and United Kingdom laboratories to heat treat material to various conditions onsite. Our facilities can handle a wide variety of thermo-mechanical processing.

    For ferrous alloys:
    • Radiant Furnaces and Environmental Chambers
      • Homogenizing, Annealing, Spheroidizing, Process/Recrystallization Annealing, Stress Relieving
      • Normalizing, Quenching, and Tempering up to +2750F
      • Cryogenic treatments down to -320F
For non-ferrous alloys:
  • Forced Convection Furnaces
    • Solution Treating, Annealing, and Artificial Aging up to +1200F

Customizable Heat Treatment Testing Solutions

To safeguard against the material being exposed to products of combustion, all heat treating furnaces at Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research are heated by electrical elements. All furnaces link to proprietary computer software for customized electronic data.

Data can be captured either in a tabular format or in a temperature vs. time plot reporting the soak time, average temperature, and standard deviation of each of any 120 thermocouples available for temperature monitoring.


What Materials Can Be Heat Treated?

Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research's Heat Treat Department has conducted production-scale processing of finished parts including aluminum castings and extrusions. We can provide heat treatment for non-ferrous alloys and ferrous alloys.

Our Staff Has Treated Many Alloys, Including:

  • 4340 Steel
  • Stainless Steels
  • A2 Tool Steel
  • Inconel 718
  • Aluminum 7050
  • Aluminum-Lithium 2195
  • PH Steels 17-4 and 15-5

Standardized Heat Treatment Services Westmoreland Mechanical Testing & Research have experience conducting processes following specifications from ASTM, AMS, ASME, GE, military and government departments. Additionally, we have the flexibility and expertise necessary to model production processing on a smaller scale providing data on experimental batches, facilitating processing decisions.

Customized forced convection bottom-drop furnace with a maximum temperature of 1200°F and the ability to quench 1200lbs of material into one of the quench tanks in under ten seconds!

Large laboratories with dozens of production heat treating furnaces ensure your job won't have to wait for open capacity.

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