ASTM G85 Annex A1 Standard Practice for Modified Salt Spray (Fog) Testing

ASTM G85 Annex A1 Acetic Acid-Salt Spray Test, Continuous In this variation of the basic Salt Spray Test the 5% sodium chloride solution is acidified to a ph of 3.1 to 3.3 by adding acetic acid. The temperature in the Fog chamber is maintained at 35°C + 1.1 or-1.7°C (95°F+2 or -3°F).

This test may be as short as 16 hours. But it is often run for 144 hours or even as long as 240 hours. At these extended lengths it is very useful for researching parameters associated with the electroplating of decorative chrome plating of die-cast steel or zinc. It is also used for the evaluation of quality in a product.

To obtain complete specifications go to ASTM International.


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